Close your eyes and imagine her exploring the museums of fair Firenze, or casually hopping onto a Vespa for a trip to the beach. Her hair is tied back in a silk scarf. Her clothing is beautifully made, at once sophisticated and graceful. She takes your breath away.   Algo’s latest collection is inspired by the simple seduction of Tuscany, a region renowned for its expansive history, artistic masterpieces and spellbinding architecture that holds so many stories… and secrets. We have designed clothing that embodies Tuscany’s casual elegance and magnificent landscape. This picturesque region’s riot of colors and passion provided a launch point for our 2016 Spring/Summer Collection.   We invite you to surround yourself in soft cottons, rich silks, and stunning embroidery. Together these elements achieve the ever-desirable balance of effortless chic. From reversible leathers to striking combinations of colors and prints, we know you will feel the influence of Tuscany in every piece. The timeless beauty that permeates Tuscany is now translated into timeless pieces for your wardrobe.  
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